Why c-lynx?

90%, of healthcare expenditures in the United States are associated with chronic conditions. Leveraging the capabilities of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Principal Care Management (PCM), healthcare organizations have the opportunity to concurrently diminish costs and enhance patient outcomes.

Learn About Our Care Management Services:

Increase Revenue
c-lynx collaborates with service providers to generate consistent, recurring revenue. Your practice earns $100K per year for every 100 patients.
Integrated Devices
c-lynx provides LTE devices which connect wirelessly to our propriety portal, providing you with real, up-to-date patient results.
White Glove Service
- c-lynx provides your practice with all the necessary tools, allowing you to focus on your practice
- Professional enrollment representative
- Established proprietary cloud-based portal for all patient readings and communication
- Care Team to communicate with patients about their readings
Quality of Care
- c-lynx believes everyone has the opportunity to receive timely care that meets the standards for quality health care
- Its focus is providing health care services to increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes for individuals by offering interactive communication with our care team to review readings, accurate and consistent equipment
- It also provides the practice with up-to-date information to view patients' health

What makes different from other providers?



Efficient Care

c-lynx eases the burden of care for the patients. We monitor patients, and drive compliance.


Healthier Patients

c-lynx improves results by shortening the time between diagnosis and treatment.


Top Rated Support

We have an excellent support team, and we are proud of it. Contact us anytime for your queries or support.

c-lynx offers a full suite of integrated LTE devices

Our app allows for patients to track blood pressure, weight, heart rate, and other vitals using FDA-approved wearables.

Clinical Results Achieved

Patients treated with our app had the following outcomes when compared to the control group who received standard of care treatment.

6 %
Hospital Reduction
83 %
Improvement in Patient Blood Pressure
93 %
Patient Engagement
$ 386414
Annual Ancillary Revenue

Discover how c-lynx can improve patient outcomes for your practice

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