Principal Care Management Services

Principal Care Management Services

What is Principal Care Management?

Principal Care Management (PCM) indeed represents an important evolution in the healthcare landscape, specifically in the context of managing patients with chronic conditions.

PCM is a model of care specifically designed for patients with a chronic illness lasting three or more months. Notably, the patient must have experienced recent hospitalization, acute risk of death, exacerbation, or functional decline, or require management unusually complex due to comorbidities. The ultimate goal is to stabilize the patient’s condition and transfer them back to their primary care provider.

Implementation of Principal Care Management Services


Care Plan Creation:

A physician or qualified healthcare provider formulates a disease-specific care plan, making necessary adjustments as the patient progresses. The reimbursement guidelines accommodate ongoing changes, reflecting the dynamic nature of chronic conditions.


Clinical Staff Involvement:

c-lynx’s nursing professionals will be in constant contact with the patients to assist them on executing the care plan. This involves monitoring and managing the patient’s condition and medication, regular communication, and coordination with the patient.

Relationship with Other Care Models

TCM Continuum:

PCM is often billed in conjunction with Transitional Care Management (TCM), forming a continuum of care. TCM covers the initial 30 days post-discharge, while PCM extends the coverage for up to a year, focusing on stabilizing the patient’s condition and preventing further complications.

Distinction from CCM:

PCM differs from Chronic Care Management (CCM) in that it is designed for patients with a single high-risk disease, whereas CCM requires patients to have two chronic conditions.

Telehealth Integration:

Like Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), PCM can be used for telehealth services, providing flexibility in delivering care, especially by specialists for specific complex conditions.

Care Plan Principal Care Management

Preparing for PCM Implementation

Revenue Stream:

Reimbursement for PCM services provides a new revenue stream for billing practitioners.

Patient Engagement:

PCM emphasizes engaging patients more in their care plans, aligning with the essential ingredient for success in patient care and value-based care.

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