Blood Glucose Monitor

Data is automatically streamed to the clinic without the need for user participation.
Connection to the cellular network
Within 5 seconds, you'll get your blood glucose results.
a device that can be carried around
LCD color monitor
Battery that can be recharged
Display with a backlight

With the c-lynx Blood Glucose Monitor, you can monitor patient glucose levels from afar. With our practitioner site, you may get clinical information at a glance and make smarter decisions based on comprehensive and continuous patient glucose level data.

The meter, test strips, and control solution make up the c-lynx Blood Glucose Monitoring System. The glucose meter generates an electric current from a little drop of fresh capillary whole blood deposited on the test strip, which is read by the meter to yield a glucose level reading. The meter displays the result within 5 seconds to your patient and streams that information directly into the practitioner portal so you can review it and analyze it over time to see trends in glucose levels.

Ensure that your diabetic patients are keeping their glucose levels healthy, and take action when their levels indicate a need for intervention.

Smart Devices

Heart disease, low/high blood pressure, CHF, diabetes, and obesity are just a few of the problems that Remote Patient Monitoring systems can help with.

How it works?

With c-lynx, you can launch your Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program in days without requiring additional work from your team or incurring any financial expense.


Step 1

You can sign up by providing the necessary details. There is no need for credit card confirmation for this. Once the signup process is completed, we will be sending you a few test devices for your testing purposes.

Step 2

c-lynx will enroll your patients at no additional cost. We will be directly sending the devices to the patients after confirming their eligibility for Remote Physiological Monitoring.

Step 3

You will be reviewing patient's data that has been sent by the app. We will notify you monthly to complete this process. You should meet Medicare review requirements. The patient data will be streamed to the c-lynx portal.

Step 3

CPT 99453, 99457, 99458, & 99454 should be billed to Medicare by your biller. We debit your account for CPT 99454, minus co-pay, to cover hardware, cellular services, hosting, & support after Medicare payment.

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